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Miller's Meadow Miniature Donkeys Herdsires We believe our Herd Sires are two of the best jacks in the US. Our jacks are producing halter champions...the proof can be seen in the show ring.

Li'l Angels Crimson Tide

Li'l Angels Crimson Tide

Height: 31.5"
Color: Red
Date of Birth: 6/13/2006

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co Red October, 30.5" Red
    Grand Sire: Itsy Bitsy LN Red Rangler, 32.5" Red
    Grand Dam: Itsy Bitsy LN Red Velvet, 32" Red

Dam: 758's Solstice, 32.5" Dark Red
    Grand Sire: LN Star Spangled Banner, 33" Red
    Grand Dam: 758's Periwinkle, 34.5" Red

Reserve Champion Donkey 2012 Missouri State Fair
(Tide's daughter, Little Rasscals Crimson Jewel, was Grand Champion)
1st place yearling jack 2007 San Antonio Livestock Show
Reserve Jr Champion 2007 NMDA Texas State Championship Show.

Producer of multiple times halter champions.

Outside breeding is available for a $300 fee.

KZ Prime Secret Agent

KZ Prime Secret Agent
KZ Prime Secret Agent

Height: 32""
Color: Black and White Spot
Date of Birth: June 14, 2010

Sire: Dewey Meadows Primo 32" brown/white spot
    Grand Sire: Dewey Meadows Vlentino 323/4" brown/white spot
    Grand Dam: Dewey Meadows Victoria 33" dark brown

Dam: Derbytowns Mocha 32" brown
    Grand Sire: Derbytowns Dr Doolittle 311/4" gray/white spot
    Grand Dam: No Me Acres Dawn II 33" brown/white spot

Sage as he is called around the farm will have foals
coming in 2017 from:
West Prairie Alexandra (black) Foaled a tiny black jack
Wee Friends Farm Shasta (black NLP)
Frontier Legends Sallie Fox (brown)
Millers Meadow Miss Kitty (brown)
Look for Sage in the show ring in 2017

Lil Rasscals Lil Red Corvette

Lil Rasscals Lil Red Corvette
Lil Rasscals Lil Red Corvette

Height: 31”"
Color: Red
Date of Birth: 2016

Sire: My World Cheyenne
    Grand Sire:
    Grand Dam:

Dam: Lil Angels Bella
    Grand Sire:
    Grand Dam:

Best of Breed Ozark Empire Fair. 2017

Frontier Legends Wyatt Earp

Frontier Legends Wyatt Earp
Frontier Legends Wyatt Earp

Height: 32"
Color: Mahogany Brown
Date of Birth: 2007

Sire: Frontier Legends Gold Miner
    Grand Sire:
    Grand Dam:

    Grand Sire:
    Grand Dam:

Now owned and being shown by Paige Westfall, Abilene, KS

2015 American Donkey Association Certificate of Excellence in Halter
2015 NMDA High Point Jack
2014 NMDA National Show BEST OF BREED
2014 NMDA High Point Jack
2013 NMDA High Point Jack
2011 NMDA High Point Jack

Bob & Debby Miller
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Debby's cell
Mulvane, Kansas 67110
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